Selling Cloud Services

Making business sense of the cloud

‘Cloud’ is a hot topic but it’s not all things to all people or a panacea for all IT. Cloud services come in many different forms and what’s right for one company or one software application isn’t right for another.

The business context

To drive revenue growth and profitability companies need to create not just operational efficiency but versatility to respond to market opportunities and threats.

For IT this means

Engage more closely with business to deliver IT as a business enabler

Control & manage costs through greater efficiency.

Sometimes these can feel like painfully conflicting demands yet a well-designed and streamlined IT environment that leverages & integrates cloud services in the right way delivers a platform that brings together and addresses these challenging demands. Critically, it brings this capability within the technical and commercial reach of the mid market in a potentially ‘game-changing’ way.

Training that grows your cloud revenues

Our sales enablement and training services help you to firmly establish your value proposition and how to take it to market. We equip your sales people with the knowledge, skills and replicatable approach to create, identify and qualify cloud opportunities and to articulate a relevant business roadmap that delivers against the customer’s business priorities.

5i’s Get ahead in the cloud’ workshop forms an integral part of 5i’s partner enablement programme for 365iT resellers. Find out more here.

Get ahead in the cloud

Part of the Cloud 365iT Partner enablement programme

  • For Cloud365iT partners
  • Get up to speed fast
  • In-depth portfolio value and sales training
  • Full support collateral

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Collaborative cloud

Increase sales of collaboration in the cloud

  • Focus on your collaborative cloud value proposition
  • Embed key success factors to win
  • Create winning business cases

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Increase sales of cloud services

Tailored and bespoke programmes to grow cloud sales

  • Focused on your unique value proposition
  • Apply proven and replicatable sales methodologies
  • Deliver measurable outcomes against specific objectives

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