Sales enablement training for Cisco & partners

Thrive on business relevance and transformation

Companies today don’t spend money without good reason. And those good reasons are revenue and profit. That means having the operational flexibility to adapt quickly to changing market forces, seeking opportunities for digital and business transformation and collaborating extensively to make things happen through the customer supply chain.

As technologies, and particularly collaboration capabilities evolve, we spot the trends and the emerging value propositions and turn these into practical sales approaches that create immediate opportunities that deliver long-term business value.

All our Cisco and partner workshops are

  • Built on in-depth business knowledge of the market and the opportunities for Cisco
  • Designed specifically for sales people and specific experience levels
  • Delivered by facilitators with successful track-records in sales and business

With a business focus on collaboration, we have delivered transformational sales programmes for Cisco and partners for over 10 years. Learn more about our impact

BLP-approved workshops

Transforming the collaborative workforce

Sales strategies for success

  • Workplace transformation projects to deliver new ways of working
  • Create larger revenue opportunities
  • Align with and influence new buying behaviours
  • Use practical roadmaps to build strong business cases
  • Available through Partner Plus

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Customer Experience – the new battlefield

  • Deliver measurable business outcomes that transform the customer experience
  • Align with and influence new buying behaviours
  • Develop compelling use cases based on tangible business value
  • Create live target account plans
  • Available through Partner Plus
  • Endorsed by Cisco Digital Solutions

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Growing the collaboration pipeline

Become proactive and business needs-led

  • Develop a proactive approach to opportunities
  • Articulate relevant business use cases
  • Identify quick wins and entry points

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Winning the business case

Business value is only value if it’s relevant

  • Understand commercial decision making
  • Make your value relevant
  • Build business cases based on consensus of value not just ROI
  • Collaboration-specific and Cisco-generic versions

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Collaborative cloud

Increase sales of Cisco collaboration in the cloud

  • Articulate your collaborative cloud value proposition
  • Embed key success factors to win
  • Focus on the right opportunities

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Sell customer collaboration for business benefit

Transform the customer experience & drive revenue growth

  • Leverage the mid-market opportunity for customer interaction and collaboration
  • Develop credibility and confidence
  • Articulate compelling and proven business cases
  • Identify tactical ‘quick win’ improvements and strategic transformational goals within your accounts

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Selling the Workspace

Increase your consultative value

  • Think and re-think: enhance your value as a trend-spotter
  • Deliver transformational ways of working
  • Engage with change to put the Cisco workspace at the heart of collaboration

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BLP-approved workshops may be paid for in UK£, US$ or Cisco Learning Credits. Contact us for more details.