Business Value Selling

Increase customer value through business-led selling

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” – Stephen Hawking

Our proven business-led sales training and development delivers robust sales strategies that win more business, improve margins and promote long term business partnerships with customers. Trend spotting will be more reliable than historical analysis in predicting future success – be prepared to adapt and change your business development approaches to meet today’s buying landscape.

  • Win business on relevance and value not price
  • Leverage proven consultative sales methodologies
  • Expand relationships to influence today’s decision makers and influencers
  • Grow business across your entire solutions and services portfolio
  • Develop robust growth plans for high potential new and existing accounts

From intensive one-day workshops to in-depth programmes of sales excellence we tailor the content and delivery to address your specific objectives, experience levels and market. Our fast-track analysis and development process means you get bespoke training without having to reinvent the wheel.

Sample workshops include:

Move up the value chain

Core strategic account development skills

  • Deliver business value that addresses business needs
  • Focus on key success factors in target accounts or markets
  • Expand sales comfort zones

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Building long-term value

Be the trend spotter

  • Articulate key business trends and align technology roadmaps
  • Be forward thinking in accounts to enhance long-term partnerships
  • Understand key verticals and show how technology delivers value

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Building the business case

Business value is only value if it’s relevant

  • Understand commercial decision making
  • Make your value relevant
  • Build business cases based on consensus of value not just ROI

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Sales presentation skills that make a difference

Being ‘nice’ is not enough

  • Develop personal credibility influence and impact
  • Gain confidence and competence in formal and informal situations
  • Stand out from your competitors

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