Programmes & Workshop

You want to make a difference to sales performance. We design and deliver large scale, international sales enablement programmes for global vendors such as Cisco through to tailored individual programmes for independent resellers, technology specialists and systems integrators.

For 5i channel partners we offer partner and sales enablement programmes that integrate with our channel services to optimise your performance.

Facing these challenges?

  • New services, products or delivery models require new approaches and positioning in the market
  • There’s no common language or shared methodology – all your sales people do their own thing and it’s hard to replicate successes
  • Revenues and margins are taking a hit and the pipeline is looking thin
  • You’re late into the customer’s buying process, you struggle to differentiate and end up competing on price
  • Decisions are made by committee or consensus so good individual IT department relationships are not enough to win the business any more
  • Forecasting is hazy and over-optimistic
  • You’re ready to do something different to get competitive advantage and need to get the sales team on board.

Whether it’s a one-off intensive workshop to meet a specific need or an in-depth sales excellence programme, you can be sure that everything we do is:

  • Tailored to address your specific needs and objectives
  • Highly interactive and participative so that sales people can genuinely question, think, apply and embed what they’ve learnt
  • Based on real-world methodologies and frameworks which are proven to create simple, repeatable behaviours which increase sales
  • Delivered by trainers with relevant successful track records and exemplary feedback from participants.
  • Available across EMEAR and worldwide in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian

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