Our Training Impact

We design and deliver training that makes a difference. But don’t take our word for it.

“Thanks for an inspiring day.

Last Thursday, I had 3 IT managers from [my customers in for a presentation]. Golden opportunity to try something new [from the training]…. All three guys where very silent during the presentation and after about 15 minutes I got the first reaction “this is a good way for me to get attention from management for some investment”

We had a very good meeting – and I think one of the reasons was my way to start the meeting.

Of course I have to practice a little more, I got some new ideas during the meeting. But most important – I´m trying to reach my goal from a different angle”.

– Participant on ‘Selling the Workspace’

As Business Development Manager for our European Channel partners, my focus is to help them differentiate themselves and position Collaboration solutions to their customers in a profitable way, and one where they can be relevant to their customers.

Critical in that capacity is to allow our channel partners to tell a story to the changing buying centres on how they can change their way of doing business.

As a Cisco team, we were looking for ways to scale this approach into partner practice leaders and product sales specialists, which took form in the shape of the ‘Chardonnay’ program, an experience-focused workshop to transfer consultancy skills to the partners with a focus on use cases, rather than technology.

5i was instrumental in defining the content for this workshop, helping to liaise with the Cisco channel field teams and ultimately deliver a quality workshop across Europe, with recognised success on the impact by VP Channel level within Cisco and adopted by all regional channel leaders.

One particular workshop I participated in was around Digital Media Solutions, had great interaction with the audience and as an output of the workshop we actually had every participant recording an elevator pitch of how they would tell the story they learned during the workshop to a customer! Great fun, and mix of education, experience and exposure!

Jeroen Sourbron Senior Manager, Business Development Worldwide Channels

And here’s what other recent participants say:

“Went beyond ‘Selling the Workspace’ – very helpful & practical. Excellent advice on how to do business in teh future – more consultancy than product sales” – Account Manager, Switzerland

“Most useful was the task discussing live cases and the trends we actually see at our customers. Keep up the good work!” – Account Manager, Sweden

“Clear, fun and very useful in my job. I got a lot of new ideas for my daily contact with customers” –Account Manager, Sweden

“Really well delivered and extremely useful” – Sales Solutions Specialist, UK

“Really useful in opening up my mind in the opportunity in terms of the customer-facing side of the business – to understand more the how we should maximise this Big Bet opportunity with Cisco. Trainer was excellent, very knowledgeable and flexible when letting group discussions flow” – Category Manager, UK

“I really appreciated the interactiveness of this training. [My objectives were] to bring the conversations with customers to a higher level, share experiences / business cases and ‘wake up’ sleeping customers. Great – it made me more aware of conversation topics. Good tools to bring hte conversation to ‘why you fall sleep’. All parts were useful. I especially liked the Scope –Introduce –Embed-Lead sections”. –Account Manager, Norway

“Interesting point of view for looking at customer and vendor from different sides. Very good, I saw different ways of looking at a business potential. The most useful part was looking at the case from a customer perspective to widen our scope”. – Account Manager, Norway

“Trainings like this help build our business minds and help sell solutions to customers confidently” –Account Manager, Nigeria

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