To cloud or not to cloud, is that the question?

Whether to recommend an on-premise or a cloud-based solution seems to have already been decided in some sections of the industry. But does the answer have to be binary? Catherine O’Connor, Channel Sales Director at CORETX and 5i gives us her take on this industry debate.

“The right solution will only be proposed if there’s the will to propose it. We all know one size does not fit all but that’s often what’s being offered by those who have a vested interest in one side or the other.”

Customers will have a need and will be looking to technology for the solution. More importantly, they will look to their technology provider to solve the problem. It’s the responsibility of the solution provider to ask the right questions. However, that’s not going to happen if they’re invested in one side of the debate.

In my experience, customers don’t mind what technology sits behind the scenes. If the solution is reliable, cost effective and solves their business challenges today and into the future, they’re satisfied. It’s essential that Systems Integrators, Managed Service Providers and Value Added Resellers are able to look across all the options and build the solution that suits the customer.

That’s why CORETX and 5i have invested heavily in ensuring all the options exist for our partners. We’ve been around since before the Cloud was anything other than water vapour in the sky, so on-premise is in our DNA. We’ve been at the forefront of datacentre infrastructure too, which means that we can offer a true cloud solution. But this isn’t an either/or debate; we’ve vast experience in hybrid solutions that give the customer the right elements from both.

We believe in enabling our partners to have a complete conversation with their customers, without the constraints a limited portfolio brings.

CORETX and 5i have many years’ experience delivering complex solutions for their channel partners’ clients, particularly around UC, Collaboration and Contact Centre. Through close partnerships with vendors such as Cisco, Enghouse, and Microsoft to name but a few, we have a strong portfolio that provides industry leading solutions for every budget.

Once the customer’s problem has been fully identified, our partners know they’ve all the tools requited to provide the best solution.”