Technology which empowers people to engage and innovate, regardless of location, time or device

Collaboration is much more than communications.  It is the way that people in an organisation function together. Harnessing the power of human intelligence and knowledge, collaboration technologies enable people to be consistently productive in all their working environments, by allowing them to work anywhere, with any device and any content.

Delivering business advantage

Collaboration presents businesses with the opportunity to tap into their full range of talent and knowledge, which on their own deliver significant business advantage. The following are just some of the others ways that collaboration delivers advantage:

  • Facilitates instant sharing of information across teams, departments and organisations
  • Improves the customer experience and builds greater loyalty
  • Speeds the decision making process with better availability of information
  • Broadens communication opportunities to allow people to work at their best, all the time
  • Enables greater business agility and flexibility
  • Creates a more open, inclusive working environment
  • Return on investment from collaboration solutions is well known to contribute to greater employee productivity and reduced operational costs. One of the hardest to measure but perhaps most transformative is the strategic gain from enhancing customer satisfaction, speeding up innovation and introducing new business models.

5i helps partners to deliver collaboration solutions to their clients either on-premise, hybrid or in the cloud. We believe collaboration solutions will be one of the primary applications deployed in the cloud. Not only are we highly skilled and experienced in providing collaboration solutions but we also have a state of the art Cloud built on IBM pure systems.

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