Multi-channel Contact Centre

Respond to your customers quickly and easily,   no matter how they contact you

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Improving the way you look after your customers

Improving customer loyalty could be as simple as implementing a Multi-Channel Contact Center solution. It might also be significantly cheaper than any other business initiative you’re considering.

You’ll make customers happier with less waiting, less frustration and less dissatisfaction, whether you have a simple phone support helpdesk or a sophisticated multi-channel call center. And your agents will have what they need to be more helpful, more efficient and more motivated.

Multi-channel Contact Center works on Avaya, Cisco, NEC and Microsoft. Beginning with the foundation module, you can add extras as your needs and budget dictate. Additional functionality includes: Multi-channel Interaction, Voice Interaction, Outbound Contact and Business Intelligence.

Workflow Engine

  • Increase first call resolution, lower abandonment rates, boost revenue and make your call center a happier place. World-class customer service begins with our Workflow Engine.

Business Intelligence

  • Get the insight you need to lift service standards and make your resources go further. Using out-of-the box and customized reports you can understand and optimize customer service center performance.

Voice Interaction

  • Reduce costs and enhance customer service levels with effective voice interaction. You can automate routine enquiries, give high-value customers priority, spread agents’ workload and survey your customers.

Outbound Contact

  • Turn your contact center into a profit center. Agents can ‘click to dial’ during off-peak call periods and reach out to your customers. Outbound calls can lift sales, promote special offers and check up on customer satisfaction.

Multi-Channel Interaction

  • Bring your contact center into the 21st Century. Phone, fax, email, text, web chat, social media and post – everything goes to one place. Customers love it when you can accommodate their preferred communication channel.


  • Whether you have an Avaya, Cisco, NEC or Microsoft Lync voice platform, Zeacom allows you to mitigate risk and provides you with the freedom to chose the platform that’s right for you, without having to give up full-featured contact center functionality.