Providing proactive security management, monitoring & reporting

Most IT Departments have a good basic level of skill to manage all technologies, except security.  Just keeping pace with changes is a challenge, and with security being such a critical factor in the ICT environment, the management, monitoring and reporting on it should never be compromised.

5i provide an extensive range of IT security management solutions that will be tailored to the exact needs of your client – our reliable services and products are proven to help you:

Firewalls, secure authentication and remote access

Our managed security services cover a number of areas including firewalls, secure authentication and remote access solutions. The benefits of working with us to manage your security include:

  • Ensures compliance and control, safeguarding against legal action
  • Provides a broad defence, offering unified threat management
  • Gives early visibility of threats before they become an issue
  • Delivers a safe working environment for all types of user
  • Solution is designed to address specific threats faced by your business
  • Brings predictability to spending on security solutions and services

Our solutions are highly effective and proven to enable safer environments, more protected data and greater secure access to all systems, by all users.

Give your clients the right protection with 5i – simply call us on 0118 988 558 to talk with one of our experts about a dedicated IT security review.