Wireless Networks


The proliferation of mobile devices and the requirement for flexible working practices has led to accelerated need for more capable wireless networks in businesses.

New offerings are better able to support and secure each connected device, while also providing enhanced management and control whether on-premise or from the Cloud.

5i has designed, delivered and support an impressive array of these innovative wireless network solutions for both private and public enterprises.

Our wireless network services begin with an assessment of the business needs to identify the area to cover, the type of devices requiring connectivity and the media type flowing over it. A solution is then designed to offer the performance levels required, address all security concerns and ensure it is easy to use and cost effective.

  • Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint and Mesh connectivity
  • Enterprise secure connectivity for business users and guest access to Internet and public facing data
  • Mobile telephony and messaging support for integration to business telephony applications
  • BYOD secure connectivity to business applications
  • Mobile Device Management from the Cloud or on-site appliances

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