Wide Area Networks


The Wide Area Network (WAN) market has transformed over the past 5 years with numerous new service offerings from a growing number of service providers. These offerings enable organisations to connect offices more quickly, gain faster data and internet access, and provide home workers with ever increasing functionality for telephony and data.

The right choice of WAN can enable your staff to be more productive, with access to all voice, data and video from any connected location. Whether access is over a secure private network or the public internet, we can guarantee a breadth of offerings at an affordable rate. The result will be a cost-effective and constant flow of information to support your customers’ business premise and home office locations.

Our portfolio of products, services, and management solutions help you connect existing LANs and WANs into one seamless network that’s more effective, more efficient and much easier to manage.

As an authorised broker of numerous carriers, we are able to achieve the highest SLAs, with the broadest spread of connectivity offerings, while managing quotations, orders and support in-house.

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