Network Management


Maintain availability, performance and security levels


The IT systems that you rely on should be managed with the same care and diligence that would be applied to any fundamental business asset.  This can be a challenge because by their nature the requirements for any organisation are not applied as a single utility – they are a complex mix of constantly evolving technologies, solutions, and services.

This requires constant monitoring and management to maintain availability, performance and security levels, as well as to ensure the flexibility so that future requirements can be met. Since many organisations lack the time and/or in-house skills to do this, their overall business effectiveness can suffer as a result.

5i provides effective management services for IT systems, allowing your customers to keep the focus on achieving their business goals. Management services constantly monitor and analyse system performance including:

  • LAN, WAN and Wireless networks
  • Unified Communications and video collaboration systems
  • Server and storage performance

With our Unify range of flexible and transparently accountable services – ranging from ‘break-fix’ maintenance, on-site engineering and remote diagnostics through to automated monitoring and pro-active repairs – our managed network services provide our customers with additional resources to support their in-house support model.

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