Local Area Networks


It is anticipated that 46% of mobile traffic will be offloaded across the LAN by 2017


The Local Area Networks (LAN) importance has become even more prominent over the last few years as it has become the foundation for connectivity between so many more devices. Historically it connected workers in close proximity to each other to facilitate sharing resources like files, printers and business applications. More recently its remit has expanded to connect many of the following:

  • Voice and Telephony
  • Video conferencing, TelePresence and TV streaming
  • CCTV and building access control
  • Wireless network connectivity to support smart phones and tablets
  • Connectivity for new technologies such as RFID, NFC, connected white goods etc

It is anticipated that 46% of mobile traffic will be offloaded across the LAN by 2017 to support the expansion of mobile device data. As such, it is a fundamental building block of your IT and has become embedded in nearly every business process, so if the network fails the processes fail too.

To prevent this happening, you need your networks to be designed, installed and managed with the same diligence that you would apply to any critical business asset. The latest switches are far more complex as they incorporate application aware control, energy optimisation, Smart install, intelligent priority control and SDN.

At 5i we have over 10 years’ experience of providing high-performance, secure and resilient local area network services and management, including LAN design, installation and on-going support. This provides a firm foundation for future growth and innovation in the use of IT.

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