Modern business practice requires employees to be easily in touch with each other, wherever they’re located, as well as continuously connected to cloud services and disaster recovery data centres. Connectivity must be quick to implement, fast, reliable and cost effective.

5i’s private Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network was designed to address the issues faced by end users, service providers, data centre operators and carriers.

Our network connects the UK’s large, carrier neutral data centres; the ‘tele-house’ data centres where all network operators and carriers route traffic. Currently available in more than 60 UK data centres, our network is continuously expanding to include further existing and new data centre locations.


It is a truly any-to-any network, providing interconnects to a huge range of service providers and internet exchanges, removing the need to be physically located in the same facility. This enables us to create a bridge between your customers’ sites and a broad spectrum of data centre options in terms of connectivity. We deliver services in hours and days, rather than weeks and months, at competitive prices.

Built on best of breed network equipment and continuously invested in, 5i’s MPLS network delivers advanced technical standards, as well as commercial flexibility. Because we own the entire network, we offer contract options not offered by our competitors, including elastic bandwidth, expedited services and short term commitments.