Networks of all types, and their security, have become more important than ever as the platform for delivering business critical applications. Networks have been going through a revolution in recent years as changes in the way we work have driven vendors to provide ever more intelligent technologies.

The need to support bandwidth hungry applications such as Video streaming and conferencing, TV, CCTV and digital signage has driven LAN’s to incorporate 10Gigabit as standard. Flexible working and BYOD are driving strong adoption of wireless technologies which is increasing the need for more sophisticated management and security. In addition to this Cisco have led the way in designing new virtual switches that provide more efficient and higher performance data center connectivity.

The range, frequency and severity of security threats against business IT systems are constantly on the rise.

5i have designed, deployed and delivered mission critical networks for real-time applications since 2002. We understand that networks have evolved and will continue to do so especially as more and more mobile devices are acquired by businesses of all sizes. Underpinning all network services we offer on premise and Cloud based security solutions that can be tailored to the exact needs of your customer.

Our Network services include:

  • Local Area Networks to support data and real time applications
  • WAN design connectivity options and provisioning
  • Data Center design and connectivity
  • Cloud design and services
  • Wireless LAN implementation with security and management
  • Management of network services
  • Managed security services and solutions


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