Cloud 365iT


A unique cloud proposition for the channel

Cloud technology presents the biggest threat and the biggest opportunity to the channel.
It is the most disruptive technology to dominate the market for a long time and it’s set to change the way resellers work with end-users.

It has financial, technical and personnel implications, forcing a rapid change to delivery models and partnering agreements.

The cloud journey for resellers

Just as cloud is a journey for end-users, it’s also a journey for resellers. There are many routes to take, but the choices are clear:

Don’t change
Continue to deliver on-premise solutions and focus your business development on companies who do not want to evolve with the changing technology landscape. This is a high risk strategy for any reseller, but it is an option available.

Develop your own cloud
Design, develop and manage your own cloud environment, keeping it 100% in-house. To build a cloud solution that can compete in the market requires significant upfront investment and ongoing costs.

Partner with a cloud provider
The market is flooded with cloud providers, all offering consumer style cloud solutions with perceived low cost offerings. These providers have their place, but for cloud business solutions, the cost for volume offer is not so attractive. Support, management, longevity and wider technology understanding are other factors that should be considered when evaluating cloud providers for business.

Partner with 5i – a cloud, on-premise and hybrid expert
Full cloud deployments are rare, and the reality in the market is that most businesses will have a combination of cloud, hybrid and on-premise solutions

5i and Cloud365iT

Cloud365iT is a managed, shared private cloud proposition for 5i channel partners. Built on IBM PureSystems, it delivers assured security, confidentiality, integrity and availability of data, with a guarantee that data remains in the UK.

Using Cloud365iT offers the following benefits to partners:

Cost –  low cost entry to a market that will grow exponentially over the next five years.

ROI – low cost of entry and accelerated return on investment for your cloud solutions.

Revenue –  a new opportunity to generate a recurring revenue stream.

Margin –  market-leading commissions and discounts with accelerators.

Retention – an additional solution that helps to retain clients.

Vision – show clients that your business has vision and is evolving with the market.

Partnering with a provider that understands all three types of deployment model is the only way to ensure that you provide your clients with solutions that work, support their business and enhance their return on investment.

5i’s greatest strength is our commitment and flexibility in turning expertise into partners’ success. To find out more about how Cloud365iT can drive success for you, please call us on 0118 988 5558.