Unified Communications


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Unified Communications brings together the various technologies available in modern day communications. Incorporating  IP Telephony, Voice messaging, Instant messaging, presence and social networking within a desktop client, it provides an intuitive and simple way to collaborate effectively both within the organisation and with customers.

With changes to the way businesses perform tasks and working habits such as remote and mobile working becoming normal practice companies are re-evaluating whether they need physical phones and looking at where and how employees best achieve their goals. Smart phones, tablets and compact PC’s can all be integrated to become the device that employees use for business communications. The art of understanding and integrating these elements in a coherent strategy and then realising this as a solution is no longer a simple matter of selecting any one single vendor.

5i work with our customers to evaluate what business goals are looking to be achieved and then produce a roadmap for getting there. One size does not fit all and careful consideration is required to  whilst incorporating existing legacy systems.  Augmenting this; we are able to offer your customers PureCom: Managed Communications delivered On-Premise, in the Cloud or as a Hybrid managed environment.

PureCom is a managed communications service for Cisco Unified Communications solutions deployed on premises or in the cloud building on the functionality of our PureCompute [IaaS] offering along with tailored support services from our well established Unify portfolio.

Specific requirements have been incorporated into PureCompute to allow Cisco UC to meet real-time application requirements, operate efficiently and effectively as a private or hybrid cloud solution.

Different from legacy hosted telephony; PureCom is suitable for all customers, from those with existing Cisco UC infrastructure and licensing estates through to new requirements.

5i has designed, delivered and managed over 200 IT and business communications projects employing 5i’s industry leading Unify branded services.

5i’s extensive skills and experience can be of advantage to you and your customers. The strategic relationships we have with solution vendors strengthen this position.

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