Businesses are increasingly reviewing office space, business locations and productivity of staff to perform their role. The trend over recent years is to have staff working on the move from remote offices and at home. This can significantly improve productivity as employees perform the tasks required from the most suitable location.

Whether using Wi-Fi, 3G, GSM, Bluetooth or any number of other new technologies, connectivity is getting better and the bandwidth available is constantly improving.

Provision from the Cloud of certain applications is also able to deliver a more consistent and often more responsive user experience for both business applications and voice services.

5i have been delivering mobility solutions in one form or another for over 10 years. This has included the tools and applications for remote working normally only available from the office.

We provide the services know how to design, deliver and support solutions that enable remote workers to communicate effectively from wherever they are located. Our Cloud platform can be utilised to deliver business applications and full voice/multimedia services with guaranteed uptime from secure resilient facilities. We have complementary products that can be incorporated into the solution where required and can assist you in obtaining a solution that support the following:

  • Access from anywhere to all of your applications whether from a PC, tablet or certain smartphones
  • Extending your business extension number and DDI to mobiles and home phones
  • Enable staff to retrieve voicemail and email from any standard phone
  • Voice and video conference facilities available from anywhere, delivered from the cloud
  • Display the availability of colleagues and send IM’s via a mobile device.

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