Proactive security management, monitoring and reporting

Most IT Departments have a good basic level of skill to manage all technologies, except security. Just keeping pace with changes is a challenge, and with security being such a
critical factor in the ICT environment, the management, monitoring and reporting on
it should never be compromised.

Making a difference
PureSecure covers a number of areas including firewalls, secure authentication and remote access solutions.  As standard, PureSecure offers proactive monitoring and reporting with the PureSecure team being available by telephone and email.PureSecure makes a difference in a number of ways:

  • Delivers a safe working environment for everyone
  • Enables safer environments and more protected data
  • Provides more secure access to all systems, by all users
  • Gives early visibility of threats before they become an issue
  • Through a single portal – reports, policies and VPN clients are accessed
  • Extends firewall monitoring to also cover critical business applications
  • Upgrades are performed out-of-hours to minimise downtime
  • Backups of the firewall policy are kept and a complete log of all activities can be provided

The benefits

PureSecure delivers business, technical and financial benefits, proving its value and flexibility in the short, medium and long term.

Business benefits:

  • Ensures compliance and control, safeguarding against legal action
  • Addresses specific threats before they become an issue
  • Removes uncertainty about security management

Technical benefits:

  • Single portal provides access to reports, policies and VPN clients
  • Provides a broad defence, offering unified threat management
  • Ensures industry leading Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

Financial benefits:

  • Provides fixed cost solution for managing security
  • Enables cost predictability and control
  • Changes ICT from Capex to Opex
For more information on PureSecure and to learn more about how 5i and Cloud365iT can drive success for you, please call us on 0118 988 5558.