Enable your customers to save with SIP

SIP has revolutionised the way businesses communicate – or at least how much it costs businesses to communicate. Designed originally for voice applications, using SIP with voice over IP has made hefty long-distance call charges a thing of the past.

Like a standard phone line, calls are free within a businesses telephone network, but unlike a standard phone line, that network can extend to another site. SIP enables businesses to afford the level of communication necessary for site wide collaboration.

If existing PBX system are IP compatible they can be easily modified to work with SIP trunks. Therefore there is no need to purchase all new PBX hardware. 5i also ensure quality of service so that calls and video conferencing sessions are given priority on the network. It really does make financial sense to switch to SIP.


5i Special Offer:

For a limited time, call 01/02/03 and EE/Vodafone/3/O2 numbers at a reduced per channel rate.

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Benefits of switching to SIP:

Cost effective:

  • Benefit from lower call rates across your entire estate
  • Rationalise your estate with a centralised SIP solution, which allows you to reduce your overall line requirement
  • Branch all sites into one enabling free calls between offices


  • Scale up and down whenever you want, whether seasonal or short-term
  • Increase the number of channels without lengthy installation periods
  • Phone numbers are not tethered to a set location therefore increasing your business’ portability

Improved business continuity:

  • Built-in business continuity, with proactively monitored services that protect your business
  • Block calls to certain international locations along with certain types of premium or higher rate calls.