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Ready for a challenge?

Have you wanted to try new contact centre applications but didn’t know where to start? Take the Enghouse challenge and improve your operations in 90 days.

Customer loyalty is built on providing customers the same level of professionalism and service regardless of whether they choose to contact you via phone, email, web-chat or SMS. Unhappy customers don’t hang around – they hang up!

Transform your customer service by providing the service levels your customer wants to engage with, by trying any of the applications free for 90 days.

The right kit to succeed

Do you have an Enghouse Interactive contact centre, or looking to buy an Enghouse contact centre? There is an array of additional applications which can simply be configured and can dramatically improve operations – in quality, efficiency and control.

Try something simple like callback, or have visibility through a wallboard in your call centre. Try a new media channel such an email, web-chat or SMS to build your omnichannel strategy and open new access for customers to the business.

                                               Which applications would you like to try?


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Take the challenge – improve operations in 90 days!